Do you offer space for custom dedication?
As you have personalized your ebook, we know you would like to convey your feelings in your own words. Hence, we provide you with an option to write your message/dedication which will be printed on the very first page of your personalized ebook.
You will be able to see the dedication tab just below the full preview of your ebook. Write your message in the text box and then click ‘done' to save your message. We do not charge a single penny extra for your message!
Please keep in mind that due to limited printing space available, your message can only contain 300 characters (including spaces).
Falling short of words for your message?
We have some standard and pre-designed dedications on the books page for you to choose from. Modify our dedications according to your idea by adding a few words which describe your message effectively. To make your message more memorable, you can also add the date.
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