Why is my order late?
Details about your estimated delivery date and delivery address can be viewed in My Account.
The delivery time which we provide you is based on estimations of things like time required for the printing process and transportation time for the postal method used. Usually, our delivery estimation period is accurate enough, but since transit time through post is also involved, sometimes there might be delays due to unavoidable issues.
Your order tracing will be divided into three segments which are 1) Order Placed 2) Order Processing 3) Order Delivered.
Login to My Account and you will be able to check the current status of your order. Furthermore, you will also be provided with an external link from our postal carrier to track your order once it is shipped.
In case you see the status of your order as ‘In process', even after 8-10 business days, contact our support, they will let you know about the issue with your order.
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