How to create my ebook?
Want your child to be a star of his or her own story?
Here at Kids Feather, we have designed the create ebook page with keeping in mind the ease and satisfaction of our customers. To create your personalized ebook, all you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below:
Step one
Select a story from our collection you wish to personalize, and then you will be prompted to add a few basic details like the name of the child, gender etc. Make sure you fill in all the details that are mandatory. The details marked with an asterisk mark are compulsory.
Your page will look like this:

Step two
After completing the basic details, you will see the preview button enabled, by clicking on which you will be able to see the review of your created ebook.
As soon as you select your ebook personalization options and you are satisfied with the preview, you will be able to place the order on My Cart Page.
Pro Tip:
Ensure that you have checked all the details and there is no mistake as correcting mistakes can be a tedious task!
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