Why am I not able to proceed further?
You are required to fill in all the details so as to personalize the story in the ebook you are creating. Unless you fill in all the mandatory details, our site won’t allow you to go ahead.
In case where you are not able to proceed further, there may be a possibility that you have missed out on a few details. We suggest that you go through the page so as to ensure that all the sections in your story are completed. The preview option will now be enabled, and you will be able to move ahead.
In case of length-related issues, the message too short or too long will pop up. Furthermore, for character-related issues the message will be “no spaces, special characters, or punctuations”.
If there are circumstances where all your sections are complete and although the preview button is enabled, you are still not able to continue, reach out to our support team by clicking here so that we can assist to resolve your concern.
Ensure sending us as many details as possible about the issue so that our support team can help you out as early and with the best possible way they can. It would be great help from your side if you send details of your browser or device, you are using along with the title and other personalized details of the ebook you are creating.
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