Animal Friends
Animal Friends (eBook)
Age Range
3-8 years
Pet Friends
Pet Friends (eBook)
Age Range
3-8 years
Super Hero
Super Hero (eBook)
Age Range
3-8 years
Lets Ride
Lets Ride (eBook)
Age Range
3-8 years
A Day with Puppies & Kittens
A Day with Puppies & Kittens (eBook)
Age Range
3-8 years
The Dancing Princess
The Dancing Princess (eBook)
Age Range
3-8 years
The purest and most
are those which love colour the most!
- John Ruskin

Colouring is one of the favourite pastimes of kids, isn’t it?

Colouring books always hold a special place in every kid’s heart. Kids usually want to mess around with their colours. So why not gift them with a personalized colouring ebook?

Colouring books are more than just a fun way to pass the time. Colouring helps to improve concentration skills and enhances hand-eye co-ordination in kids. Completing a colouring book page gives the children sense of accomplishment

Boost up creativity and imagination of the little ones with custom colouring books from Kids Feather. The kids are intrigued with finding their names within the books and become more excited to begin colouring. With each book featuring a gripping storyline and interesting quotes, our personalized colouring ebooks are a perfect gift to your little ones to keep them engaged.

Do you know that the simple activity of colouring has lifelong benefits to your children?

Yes, you read that right! The benefits of colouring go on and on. Along with being a relaxing activity, it greatly helps in fostering physical and psychological wellbeing in children. While the children are concerned about colouring in between the lines, they might develop a sense of responsibility to stay within the boundaries. Some of the benefits of colouring include developing hand strength, increasing creativity, sparking up imagination, colour recognition, improving concentration, enhancing ability to express, improving agility and the list goes on and on.

Our purpose at Kids Feather is to deliver innovative concepts, experiences to our cute little audiences who are always eager to learn something new. At Kids Feather, we operate on values such as empathy, creativity, imagination and trust. Personalized colouring ebooks from Kids Feather will surely be a hit with your little artist. We have a lot of themes to choose from, all with their name featured throughout their colouring books!

Personalized colouring ebooks make wonderful, unique gifts for kids. The colouring books can be further customized by adding a picture of the kid along with a dedication message from your side. Put a smile on the face of your child, grandchild, nephew or niece, any other loved little one today, grab a customized colouring book from Kids Feather!

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