Loves you Mummy
Loves you Mummy (eBook)
Age Range
2-8 years
Loves You Daddy
Loves You Daddy (eBook)
Age Range
2-8 years
Every happy memory created for a child
is another
of a lifetime!
- Donna Marie

Children grow up so fast!

When you look at your little ones, do you often wonder when did they grow up so much? We know it just feels like yesterday when they said their first word, when they had their first tooth, their first day at school, doesn’t it? This might sound cliché, but, indeed, time flies by quickly.

You remember that priceless feeling when you see your childhood pictures? Hold on to your thought! Do you wish your kid, nephew or niece, grandchild experience the same joy?

You have landed on the perfect page! Our Memory Books give the kids the same priceless feeling when they see their childhood in their personalized album.

The world around us changes at a faster pace. Just a blink of an eye and your favourite moment has already passed only to be stored in your memory. But memories don’t remain forever, they fade with time. It seems that you have everything stored in you, but it vanishes in no time. We have endless memories of the kids we love, and we also wish to share their childhood journey with them. Here at Kids Feather, your wish is our command!

Memory Books - A timeless memento for our cute little audience for them to cherish forever, it will take them on a nostalgic journey for years to come.

Order a Personalized Memory Book at Kids Feather and gift your little ones their childhood!

Do you wish to gift the little ones some memorable moments with their favourite family member?

Every kid has one of the most favourite family members among the family. Kids Feather is a platform that helps build an everlasting connection between loved ones that is enriched with everlasting experience.

Our Memory Books are further designed specifically for various relations that the child shares with the family members so as to imbibe family values within the tiny tots.

We have various relations available like the child’s relation with his/her mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister.

We take pictures to cherish relationships, to freeze family moments, to relive memories. You might have captured the moment when your kid said Daddy or mummy for the first time, you might have a picture with your nephew or niece from their first day of school, you might have a picture of you and your grandchild strolling out leisurely, our personalized memory book is the perfect place where these memories should be!

As rightly quoted by Sally Mann – “Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future”

With our personalized memory books that are designed for various relationships, build a strong bond of the kids with their family members just by gifting them their memories with each one of them.

Personalize a memory book with us and gift your kid, nephew or niece, grandchild with a memento that they will adore eternally.

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