Your Only Limit is You
Your Only Limit is You (eBook)
Age Range
3+ years
Dream Create Inspire
Dream Create Inspire (eBook)
Age Range
3+ years
Let Your Light Shine
Let Your Light Shine (eBook)
Age Range
3+ years
Every Picture Tells a Story
Every Picture Tells a Story (eBook)
Age Range
3+ years
Learn the Rules like a Pro Break them like an artist
Learn the Rules like a Pro Break them like an artist (eBook)
Age Range
3+ years
Creativity is Contagious
Creativity is Contagious (eBook)
Age Range
3+ years
Keep Inspiring
Keep Inspiring (eBook)
Age Range
3+ years
Magic is Something You Create
Magic is Something You Create (eBook)
Age Range
3+ years
Creativity is
having fun!
- Albert Einstein

One of the things that the kid learns first is how to pick up and hold a pencil and start moving their tiny hands. You must have noticed the kids around you, they tend to love scribbling or sketching wherever they feel like doing so. All children are born with a likelihood of scribbling and that to on anything.

Sketching is a creative hobby that fits almost everyone’s liking, and there’s no doubt about it. Sketching can also be known as a raw form of drawing.

Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult for children to express their views and thoughts through their words or actions, this is where sketching comes into the picture. Simply by observing the kids’ sketches, you might be able to figure out their thought process. Sketches don’t have to be perfect and neat always. They can be messy.

You can simply say a word to the kid and ask him/her to sketch out whatever they can associate with the word. Being able to express what they feel also uplifts the child’s emotional intelligence.

So, where do you begin?

We would say begin with “Kids Feather”!

Get the kids their own sketch book and let their imaginations run wild.

As rightly quoted by Albert Einstein – “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”.

To encourage their imaginations, all you have to do is give them a blank sketchbook which they can access easily. Don’t worry! Here, at Kids Feather, we have made that super easy for you.

Wondering how?

Just go through our sketch books category, and all you have to do is add details of personalization of the book, and we will create a personalized sketch book that the kid will love to draw on.

The books with us can be personalized either with the name of the child and his/her photo or only with the name of the child. The personalized nature of the sketch book creates excitement in the kids to draw their own imaginations. The quotes in our personalized sketchbooks inspire the kids, and the kids are able to connect with them easily as the quotes are such that they resemble their journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go to www.kidsfeather.com and gift the little ones with their own sketchbook.

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