KidsFeather | Our story

In this whole world, there is nothing more beautiful than a happy child!

The Immortal Beginning

It all started with that smile on a tiny tot’s face who adored her own reflection in one of her storytime photobooks. The decision was hence taken. It was time to build a platform that will amplify a child’s freedom, imagination and happiness in enlightening ways.

And "Kids Feather" was thus born!

Kids Feather thrives to bring a smile on children's faces by contributing to their feelings of happiness in the form of personalized ebooks. Each of our books are garnished with toppings of innovation, sublime learning and majestic colors in the best of a child's interests. Today, "Kids Feather" is a pure gang of children doters, creative minds, tech enthusiasts and more so a gang full of "Kid Lovers".

We are here to stay evermore!

Kids Feather - Personalized and Crafted for you

Our Mission
Kids Feather is a platform that helps build an everlasting connection between loved ones that are enriched with an everlasting experience.
Our Essence
At our core, Kids Feather operates on Empathy, Creativity, Imagination and Trust.
Our Purpose
We deliver innovative concepts and experiences to our cute and smart audience who are always eager to learn something new.
Our Vibe
At Kids Feather, we create magic. We live our lives with children and then do wonders together every day reinventing the wheel.

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