The Prince Who Always Did the Opposite
The Prince Who Always Did the Opposite (eBook)
Age Range
4-9 years
Collects Smiles
Collects Smiles (eBook)
Age Range
2-5 years
Sorry Box
Sorry Box (eBook)
Age Range
4-9 years
to learning
creates the best educational experience possible!
- Tamara L. Chilver

Teaching the kids the A to Z of manners can seem discomforting. Where to start? What’s important? How to you make them understand that manners are far beyond a few sets of rules to be followed?

The good news is that you have come to the right place! At Kids Feather, we create magic and a fun learning experience for kids. Magic which is not only fun but also which helps in grooming our little audience into better individuals by offering them with a variety of fun learning customized ebooks.

Why worry when you have Kids Feather at your rescue?

As the name says, Fun learning is a section that contains personalized ebooks which help your kid in learning day-to-day manners in a real fun way.

Here the ebooks aim at imbibing values and morals like how to be polite and say sorry in case of a mistake, saying thank you, sharing their things etc. in our little audiences. The gripping and custom-made fun learning ebooks are curated in such a way so as to teach your tiny tots with life values and build emotional resilience.

Sometimes the little ones find it difficult to understand why it is important to behave politely, and when they understand it, they tend to forget when to use words like ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you'. Many words taught together jumble up in their tiny minds, and hence, kids often make mistakes while using them.

At the fun learning section, the illustrations are made with love and care keeping in mind that they should create a long-lasting effect on the memory of our smart little audience.

Furthermore, the personalization of the illustrations makes it easier and fun for the kids to inculcate the values in their day-to-day behavior.

Here at Kids Feather, our mission is to build an everlasting connection between loved ones that is enriched with everlasting experience. Explore our Fun learning section and gift your kid, nephew/ niece, neighbour kid, as a matter of fact, any little one, personalized stories with life values that they will cherish forever.

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