Saves the World
Saves the World (eBook)
Age Range
3-8 years
Life doesn't give us
we give life purpose!
- Barry Allen

Comic Books- Does this word take you down the memory lane? Remember saving up your pocket money to buy the latest edition of your favourite Superhero Comic? Remember that you secretly wished to be one of the comic book superheroes in your childhood?

Well, not much has changed nowadays, you might often see kids around you wanting to be superheroes from the movies or cartoons they have watched. Do you ever hear the little ones around you blabbering how they are superheroes? Well, now with our personalized comic ebooks they can be whoever they wish to be.

With this growing era of digitization, kids rarely know about comic books these days. Join hands with Kids Feather and let us hype up comic books together again, just like the old times. At Kids Feather, we create magic. We live our lives with children and then do wonders together every day reinventing the wheel. Personalized comic ebooks is one of our magics so as to pique the interest of our little audiences in comic books.

Our personalized comic ebooks feature different stories and adventures that place the kids into an action-packed world! The adventurous stories teamed up with offbeat characters keep the eyes of the kids glued to our comic books. At Kids Feather the stories in our personalized comic ebooks are usually based on the interest level of the kids. The dynamic storyline with a touch of personalization is what draws more attention of the kid.

Comic Books not only are meant for fun or entertainment purposes, but they also help in the development of kids in many ways. Wondering how?

Comic Books have always been helpful in the development of kids with their ability to widen the imagination of kids. They have also helped in increasing concentration skills in the kids as they need to make sure they do not miss out on any cloud of the conversation. The visuals in the comic books engage the kids into a habit of reading. Along with being fun, comic books indeed have many other benefits for kids.

The illustrations in our personalized Comic Ebooks are curated in such a way that along with being fun they also have long-lasting effects on the memory of the children. Seeing their own name in a superhero comic excites the children, and the happiness beaming in them is certainly a sight to behold! You can also add a picture of the little one along with his or her name while personalizing a comic book for them to make it much more interesting.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to https://www.kidsfeather.com and gift your child, grandchild, nephew or niece or your favourite neighbour kid with their personalized comic ebook and make them a super hero!

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