Time Alone At The Zoo
Time Alone At The Zoo (eBook)
Age Range
2-5 years
The Wondrous Ocean Fairy
The Wondrous Ocean Fairy (eBook)
Age Range
3-6 years
Make the World Better Place
Make the World Better Place (eBook)
Age Range
3-6 years
Kids lose themselves in
they find themselves there too!
- Lewis Keegan

Do you often see little ones act like the last cartoon character they have watched?

Yes, we certainly know your answer! Children like to be heroes. Make children the star of their own story in their very own book!

Our personalized stories are well curated so as to boost up the imagination of our tiny tots.

Stories Power Packed with Adventures

Who doesn’t like adventures? Every kid wants to feel the thrill of going on adventures. Our purpose at Kids Feather is to deliver innovative concepts, so here we are with our adventurous personalized story books with which the little one will go on various adventures with us. With our fun and gripping stories, the kids will never be away from creativity and imagination. These stories depict how the kid can be limitless while on adventures.

Our elite range of personalized stories transports the kids to unexplored world of possibilities. Filled with relatable topics and themes, these stories empower kids to learn and grow by inculcating creativity, curiosity and empathy.

We are often amazed by the dreams of our children, aren’t we?

Encourage your kids to turn their dreams to reality with our personalized stories embedded with Empathy, Creativity, Imagination and Trust.

At Kids Feather, we function with the purpose of delivering innovative concepts, experiences to our cute and smart audience who are always eager to learn something new.

Our thrilling and customized stories keep the kids captivated with the habit of reading. As we all know, reading has its own perks, along with the fun element, kids get a better grip on the language through our books. At Kids Feather, we assure you that once the kid is hooked with our exciting and gripping stories, they will themselves ask you to get them more of our books! All you have to do is select the book matching the interest level and likes and dislikes of your kid for us to customize and sit back and rest.

Each of our storybooks has unique personalization impact from the beginning to end. Along with our exciting and fun stories, the child’s own name in the story keeps the kid glued to the book with renewed interest.

Children’s books customized with their name in the story are gifts that they’ll cherish forever. Here at Kids Feather we create magic, so we encourage you to experience our magic in our well-curated and diversified range of books and gift your known little ones or your children with a happy memory to cherish forever!

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